Stockholm and Uppsala. Travel in photos

Historic and cultural sites, architecture

Stockholm. Gamla Stan. Bollhustäppan square. Iron boy (Järnpojke)

Just a block to Northwest of Brända tomten there is another small area - Bollhustäppan. The area is very young by the standards of Gamla Stan, she appeared only in 1960, when the place was inhabited. Here is the famous Railroad boy (Järnpojke, map), the work of famous sculptor Liss Eriksson. The artist called this figure "the Boy looking at the moon" (Pojke som tittar pe lomm).

Stockholm, Iron boy Järnpojke.

the sculptor Himself says that he has embodied in the figure of your childhood memories: "I remember how it was when I can't sleep and the moon shines. Then sit on the bed, in the bathroom, perhaps a little cold, so I had to cringe".

Stockholm, Iron boy Järnpojke. Stockholm, Gamla Stan

Then, after passing the Palace, the Tessin

Stockholm, Gamla Stan

we are back to the Palace hill.

Stockholm, Palace hill, the Royal Palace, panorama

Next in our program was the visit to the Royal Palace,

Stockholm, Palace hill, the Royal Palace

where we looked at the Royal regalia in the Royal Treasury. Photography inside the Palace is prohibited.

Stockholm, Palace hill, the Royal Palace Stockholm, hill Palace, Slottsbacken, Stockholm

Well, after the Royal Palace we went to the Museum of "Vasa" ship, about which they say - "if you haven't seen "the Vase," were not in Stockholm".