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Stockholm. Gamla Stan. The square of burnt house (Brända tomten). The house of Bartel (Bartelska huset)

Very close to Merchant square there is a small triangular piece of pavement that bear the name brand the tomte (Brända tomten - the burnt house, map). It was a large wooden house burnt down in 1728. There was nothing to restore, in 1734 ruins were removed, and the vacant area was paved. Close to burnt adjoined one of the oldest buildings in Stockholm, built in 1549 that the fire did not touch, and the building survives to becoming one of the landmarks of Gamla Stan.

Stockholm, Gamla Stan. The House Of Bartel. Bartelska huset

In 1637 the owner of the house became Leidert Bartel, and the house would have remained unremarkable if the owner in 1686 was not knighted. On this occasion, he has reconstructed the house, decorating the walls and erecting a luxury portal. Interior has also acquired a sophisticated look. The work was made by the famous master Johann Wendel Strain. Then the building was named Bartelska huset.

Stockholm, Gamla Stan. The House Of Bartel. Bartelska huset

In 1727 the building was bought, and in the 1750s it was turned into tenement housing, with magnificent internal decoration was destroyed. Within two centuries, the house is pretty dilapidated, and in 1967 was bought by Eric St. Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of culture and preservation of the history of the city. The organization has restored both external and internal decoration of the building, and the house came into view, which it had in the 17th or 18th century.

Stockholm, Gamla Stan. The House Of Bartel. Bartelska huset. Stockholm, Gamla Stan

Interesting solution - a window frame, consisting of some of the vents.

Stockholm, Gamla Stan. Stockholm, Gamla Stan

chimney weathervane, common in the Nordic countries. This design creates a constant traction, because the flue is always closed on the windward side, while leeward with a vacuum.

Stockholm, Gamla Stan. Stockholm, Gamla Stan

Well, we go to the area Bollhustäppan, another famous symbol of Stockholm - a small sculpture "Iron boy".