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Stockholm. Stortorget square

Oldest area of Stockholm, Stortorget (Stortorget - a large area, map) was the center of urban and commercial life. In 1520 it was arranged "the Stockholm bloodbath".

Stockholm, Stortorget square, panorama Stockholm, Stortorget square

In the beginning of 1520 Danish king Christian II invaded Sweden, and laid siege to the spring of Stockholm. After five months of siege the town was surrendered on the terms of the preservation of life and property of citizens. In defeated Cristian decided to crown himself king of Sweden, on which occasion were appointed the celebrations, were invited to noble Swedes. 4 November November began a three-day celebration, after which the guests were herded into one of the halls where they were presented with a false accusation of heresy and sentenced to death.

Stockholm, Stortorget square, panorama

Executions began on 8 November and lasted 3 days. On stor torget square were beheaded priests, and members of rexrode, hanged by the nobility and wealthy burghers, only 92 persons. "Stockholm bloodbath" has led to a revolt, led by the son of one of the executed members rexrode Eric Gustav Vasa. The result of the uprising was the liberation of Sweden from Danish rule, and its leader became the first king of a free Sweden.

Stockholm, Stortorget square

Well - once the source of drinking water for residents of the city, as well as for extinguishing fires. Built in the XVIII century by Eric Palmstedt. The well has dried up in 1856, was later connected with the city water, now performs the function of the fountain.

Stockholm, Stortorget square. well Stockholm, Stortorget square

stock exchange Building (Börshuset) opened in 1776, king Gustav III and was intended not only for trading, and held other public functions, in particular there were held town meetings, balls, parties. In exchange hall were crowned kings Carl XV and Oscar I. in 1914, the building belongs to the Royal Academy of Sciences, however, the stock trades were held here until 2001. The building now houses the library of the Academy and the Nobel Museum.

Stockholm, Stortorget, the old stock exchange Building (Börshuset)