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Stockholm, Gamla stan. Västerlånggatan

Through the Old city stretches Västerlånggatan ("The Western loan street" map), built in the 13th century along the ramparts. In the 15th century the street was widened and paved, this same period saw the construction of multi-storey buildings, many of which are preserved unchanged.

Stockholm, Gamla Stan. Västerlånggatan

Iron and hardware products were the basis of the Swedish exports, so the coastal neighborhoods that were issued on Vasterlanggatan was inhabited by merchants and iron mongers and artisans-blacksmiths.

Stockholm, Gamla stan. Västerlånggatan

German Lutheran Church (Tyska kyrkan, Deutsche Kirche), sometimes called St. Gertrude's Church (Sankta Gertruds kyrka).

Stockholm, Gamla Stan. German Lutheran Church,Tyska kyrkan, Deutsche Kirche

In the 17th century by Royal decree of the forge was removed beyond the city walls to avoid fire, and Vasterlanggatan was chosen for his workshops jewelers. Later it began to open shops and by the end of the century, the southern part of the street becomes the commercial center of Stockholm.

Stockholm, Gamla stan Västerlånggatan Stockholm, Gamla stan Västerlånggatan

In the late 19th century mass trade moved to more modern Norrmalm and Gamla Stan gradually turned into slums.

Stockholm, Gamla stan Västerlånggatan

Vasterlanggatan However, escaped this fate - she was associated with prestigious area Tingkatan bridge Riksbron, and in the first decade of the 20th century the street got a luxury look thanks to the show-Windows of expensive boutiques.

Stockholm, Gamla Stan Street Västerlånggatan

Narrow lanes lead to the waterfront.

Stockholm, Gamla stan Västerlånggatan

the Street became a popular tourist destination, but it has resulted in exorbitant increase of rents, and in 5-7 years, in the mid - ' 20s, elite trading was forced to move all in the same Norrmalm. They were replaced by restaurants and souvenir shops.

Stockholm, Gamla Stan, Västerlånggatan