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Stockholm. Park Observatorielunden

A couple of blocks North from "Blue tower" of Strindberg is Park Observatorielunden (Observatorielunden map). The Park is spread on the steep slopes of the hill Observatorielunden, which once occupied the whole area of Norrmalm, but was razed during construction. Another quiet green area, surrounded by busy shopping streets of Norrmalm.

Stockholm. Park Observatorielunden

On top of a hill, at a height of 42 meters, is the old Observatory of Stockholm, which gave the name to the Park. The Observatory was created at the initiative of the Secretary of the Royal Academy of Sciences of the Pen Elvis, in 1748 began construction and 1753 the Observatory was opened. The Observatory became a national Meridian as Pulkovo in Russia and Greenwich in England. In 1877, for the observations of the sky was built on the dome. The Observatory was in operation until 1931 until it moved to the new building. Now the building is a small Museum, organized meetings of the Stockholm astronomical society.

Stockholm Observatory, Stockholms observatorium

hill can be seen in all its glory are some of the cathedrals, not obscured by urban development. The Church Of St. John.

Stockholm. The Church Of St. John. Stockholm. Johanniskyrkan Stockholm. Park Observatorielunden

Church Engelbrektsson (Engelbrektskyrkan).

Stockholm, the Church Engelbrektsgatan Stockholm. Stockholm, The Church Engelbrektsgatan